Artist and Illustrator




Bold Birds is a series of simple bird-themed graphics created with a limited palette of shapes and colours. Using a primary colour palette, each bird has their own name and personality to bring the artwork to life.

Life's Library is an online book club run and curated by John Green and Rosianna Halse Rojas.

Every 6 weeks, the club picks up a new book to discuss - with readers from all over the world gathering together in one online space to read and share their thoughts. 

As the Artist in Residence, Alys creates banners and additional graphics for each book to enhance the online experience for subscribers.





Alys is a digital artist by trade. She works mainly in Adobe Illustrator to create pieces themed around nature, quotes and nerd culture, and has worked alongside YouTube and internet personalities to create merchandise for their stores. 

postcards - birds_2-14.png


Alys is a London-based artist and illustrator originally from North Wales.


Her work is mainly digital, taking inspiration from nature and nerd culture.

She is an experienced digital artist and currently holds the position of Artist in Residence at Life's Library Book Club.

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