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Life's Library

Physical and digital perk design for the Life's Library, an online book club curated by John Green and Rosianna Halse Rojas


Enamel Pin

Ongoing project supporting the Life's Library community management and project teams at DFTBA Records


Banner colouring page

Designed in Adobe Illustrator

Inspired by the motifs and mascots of each 'shelf' or sub-community of the wider Life's Library community and distributed as part of the digital perks pack

Asset 1@3x.png

Reading Period Banner: The Parable of the Sower

Designed in Adobe Illustrator

Each six-week reading period covers a different book chosen by John, Rosianna or one of their guest curators. The banners serve as dividers between each book and are used in each of the discussion and event channels for that book.

parable of the sower copy.png

Banner design for "How to get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia"

Designed in Adobe Photoshop


Sticker designs inspired by "Spacestruck" by Paige Lewis


Life's Library Sticker Set

A set of 11 vinyl stickers featuring the very best quotes, custom emojis, jokes and quips from Life's Library 2020.

Available for purchase from DFTBA Records here.


Life's Library Sticker Set

A vinyl sticker set of community 'in-jokes' created off the back of a community Q&A for inclusion in the subscriber physical perks bundle

LL sticker sheet copy.png

Life's Library "Any Year" Calendar

An 'any year' calendar with illustrations for each of the sub-groups in the Life's Library discord community. The illustrations are arranged in alphabetical order by shelf, and there are in-jokes from the community scattered throughout. Months and pages are left open without days of the week, so the calendar can be used in any year.

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