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Project for Awesome 2023
Profile Picture Commissions

How to get your commission:

Submit your request:

1) Choose any of the above styles or find any style you'd like me to draw in (and I'll do my best to match it!)

2) Reply to the email I sent you, including your style preference and a photo you'd like me to draw inspiration from to create your image (eg. a picture of yourself, or your current profile picture). Alternatively, just let me know what you'd like me to draw - I'm open to (almost) anything!

3) Remember to let me know:

- Your preferred background colour (including transparent)

- Any extra items you'd like me to include (eg. patterns, items, flags or accessories)

- Anything you DON'T want me to include (eg. "please don't make it cursed" "please don't put eggs in it")

4) I'll work on creating your commission! You'll receive a square 2048x2048 digital drawing at 300dpi (so you can print it if you want!)

Once your drawing is done, I'll send it to you via email. You'll then be free to use it, post it, share it, print it - wherever you want. 

"Please can you draw me wearing a pink jumper with a rainbow pride flag in the background", "Please can you draw me in the style of [insert cartoon here]", "Please can you draw my cat in Style 2, wearing a red superhero cape and waving a nonbinary pride flag"

If you have any questions, just send me an email!

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