Vlogbrothers is a YouTube channel founded in 2007 by brothers John and Hank Green, featuring mostly short-form vlog content around themes ranging from intelligent and thoughtful discussions to videos on mundane and sometimes ridiculous topics.

The artwork here is inspired by their channel, featuring quotes and themes from the Vlogbrothers and the wider Nerdfighteria internet subculture, such as the Pizzamas and Project for Awesome events.


Pizzamas is an annual event created and run by John and Hank Green, in which variations on John's moustache-bearing face are created and sold for a limited time only.

Alys' Mind the Pizza design featured as a poster for the Pizzamas 2019 event, where profits from designs were donated to Partners in Health to reduce maternal mortality in Sierra Leone.

The Caped Crustader

These designs feature John dressed as a pizza-themed superhero, and were created in the spirit of Pizzamas ahead of the 2020 event.


Typographic sticker designs created using the 'sign-off' quote from the Vlogbrothers videos, featuring elements from the Nerdfighteria logo throughout the design.

"I do LOVE a feeling" quote, from a Q&A Session with John Green inside Life's Library Book Club. 

More work from Life's Library can be found here.

"Imagine People Complexly" are the words Nerdfighters live by - a reminder that people are more than what they may appear to be on the surface, and that we all contain multitudes. 

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